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id ▼ title url about_url description source_hash license_hash
1 Global Power Plant Database   65ef650f 953f8894
2 UK Registers of Members Interest MPs declare conflicts of interest, and sources of their income. 7b73837f
3 San Francisco     4e5e9de5
4 VICE News Police Shootings  
5 Lahman’s Baseball Database  
6 Five Thirty Eight     e2bdbdb5 953f8894
7 OpenStreetMap Time Zone Boundaries   0b479e1f 92c02496
8 The Metropolitan Museum of Art Open Access     dc32b82f d58f2233
9 IPNI plant names  
10 Wireless Telegraphy Register    
11 Datasette Registry    
12 Ministry of Defence MERLIN Vehicle Database     c30bdfb1

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CREATE TABLE datasettes (
            id integer PRIMARY KEY,
            title text,
            url text,
            about_url text,
            description text,
            source_hash text,
            license_hash text,
            FOREIGN KEY (source_hash) REFERENCES sources(hash),
            FOREIGN KEY (license_hash) REFERENCES licenses(hash)
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